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From the 18th July to 22nd July, 2022 an Erasmus+ project POWER OF CREATIVITY creative workshop took place in Prague. All four international teams got together at the Hotel Michael surrounded by lovely nature.
Throughout the whole week all four international teams worked together in order to explore four hot topics and brainstormed some ideas. The topics included active citizenships, social inclusion, activities for young people and art and graphic design. The youth worked in mixed groups. The workshop also involved practical lessons on graphic design and creative thinking and fun energizers to get us into the spirit of working together.
In the international café the participants brainstormed many different ideas, from which 13 were picked. Then the youth voted for their favorite and four out these thirteen were chosen in a fair election.


Youth projects:
App AZ (to meet with people with similar interests)

Graffiti World (App, game and gadgets) Instagram @gft_world

App Blood Donation
Youth Festivals Instagram the.young.place

The mixed teams then worked on these ideas for the following 3 months.

More informationa about workshop on Facebook






Cyprus Team | Mobile App "AZ"


Separate project

Website "Farmakas Youth"






Czech Team | VR game "Graffiti World"

Trailer for Graffiti World


Separate project

Video of Kroměříž´s Chateau Garden






Lithuania Team | Blood donation Mobile App "DROP"

App prototype "DROP"


Separate project

Website "The Habits and The Beast"






Netherlands Team | A Handbook "Festivals For Youth"